Daiwa Thermic Lance (Most popular type)

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・Daiwa Thermic Lance (Most popular size)

・Steel market move

・UNESCO heritage in Vietnam

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Daiwa Thermic Lance (Most popular size)

We have 2 TYPES of Daiwa Thermic Lance (W and T).
We introduce most popular size of TYPE-T which is OD 17.3 x 3.0Meter  TTTD-SW.
・What is Daiwa Thermic Lance OD 17.3 x 3.0Meter  TTTD-SW?
Outside diameter 17.3mm, double tube type and both ends threaded with one socket attached.
・What is SW?
    This mean Short Wire, 100mm length no wire inserted one end of the THERMIC.
・Why have no wire 100mm, to save production cost?
It is for some special type of holder, the holder insert in the pipe and fixed, so we need space of no wire 100mm at one end.
Daiwa Thermic Lance Type TTTD-SW (17.3mm x 3,000mm)

TYPE-T is a mixture of wires and an inner pipe tube and secure the air flow by inner tube, so easy handling, non-stop burning.
This size is suitable for multi-purpose, for cutting scrap, also cleaning.

Please try our THERMIC OD 17.3mm x 3.0M TTTD-SW

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Steel market move

We are delighted to share brief updates on different regions...

JapanTokyo Steel the biggest EAF steel producers in JAPAN, keep the price unchanged for March delivery. They adjusted the price in January with $95/ton up, since then they keep the same price to give the customers some time to digest the previous price increase.

Asia –The inventory of 5 major steel products in China rose by 32% but the price of rebar increase by $11/ton, the price of HRC and billet also going up.

EuropeThe price of HRC in South Europe is stable at $847/ton on Feb 17, but the sentiment on the market is high due to material shortage.

North AmericaWire rod price in the US keep flat in one month at around $935/ton, but HRC price continue to increase and reach all time high record at $1,320/ton, up by 2.4% in one week on Feb 16, mainly due to tight supply.

Central & South AmericaSome Brazilian steel consuming sectors, including machinery and civil construction are concerned of the possible lack of steel products, as the result the price hikes put them in difficult situation.

We still see the steel price keep very high level.

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UNESCO heritage in Vietnam

Vietnam is known as a country with diverse and alluring charms of natural features. Vietnam was recognized by UNESCO 18 world heritage sites. We would like to introduce you to some of the famous world heritage sites here.

There are 2 natural heritage sites belonging to the north area: Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park. ・Ha Long Bay is located in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province. World-recognized heritage zone covers an area of ​​434km2, including 775 islands, visitors can enjoy sightseeing on yachts and overnight on it.

・Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is located in Quang Binh province with an area of ​​about 200,000 ha. Phong Nha - Ke Bang is considered as a huge geological museum with global significance and value. Exploring Paradise Cave inside the national park is a popular activity for visitors.

In addition to the above natural heritage, our country also has five outstanding cultural heritages which are located in the north and central of Vietnam. We will introduce more details in the next blogs. We hope that this information about World heritage sites will be helpful and attract you once to visit the outstanding scenic spots of our country.

Every year, many tourists around the world come to Vietnam to visit these places. We expect that as soon as possible, when the vaccine will be effective to control coronavirus diseases and visitors around the world can visit Vietnam easily.

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Daiwa Thermic Lance (Most popular type)