Basic Knowledge about Thermic Lance

Daiwa Lance manufactures Thermic Lance (TL) as one of our high-performance products. Because of the diverse uses, there are varying needs and requirements for employing Thermic Lance. As a result, ordinary thermic lances with steel wires may not always deliver enough firepower for combustion. Sometimes a big volume of pipe is required until massive fragments are cut. Controlling Thermic Lances would become tiring after a lengthy period of use, therefore equipping thermic lances with aluminum wires would be lighter and easier to manage. To execute work efficiently, it is best to understand which type of Thermic Lance should be used precisely as the tool at the manufacturing site.
In this blog, we'd like to introduce our new Thermic Lance providing comprehensive information about thermic lance so that you can fully understand it to ensure good quality performance.

What is Daiwa TL Pipe?

Thermic Lance is a steel tube that is to be used for fusing metals, cutting scraps, and cleaning furnaces. The principle is to harness the high temperature oxidation heat by providing the pressurized oxygen inside an ignited steel tube. In other words, Thermic Lance uses the thermal cutting method to diffuse the heat and burn the materials. Generally, the metal tube contains inside steel wire that promotes combustion. Daiwa Lance produces 2 types of Thermic Lance to fulfill different requirements of end-users.
Type T with a mixture of wires and an inner pipe produces a straight flame at high speed that can splash out, make holes or break up materials quickly. The materials suitable for Type T are carbon steel, iron, slag, copper, aluminum, brass, etc.       
                  Thermic Lance Type T D. Daiwa Thermic Lance 2. 20.12.11
Type W with a full pack of wires produces a wider flame at a higher temperature than Type T. Its distinct feature is to dissolve solid materials that have high melting points such as stainless steel, nickel, concrete, refractory materials, natural stone, etc.
                 Thermic Lance Type W TL type W

Application of Daiwa TL Lance Pipe

Applications of Daiwa TL Lance Pipe: 
  • Removing Slag:
As you may be well aware, slag has a melting point of around 1,780℃ and is difficult to remove from a metal system with a lower melting temperature. For that reason, in order to use this kind of slag removal, we need a material that can generate a higher temperature than the melting point of slag to melt it down and remove it. In this case, TL can be a choice for your consideration.
Thermic Lance can produce a super high heat rate of up to 4,000℃ with Fe + O2 → Fe2O3 + Heat reaction.
Removing Slag Sticking on the Floor inside Steel Mill
  • Cutting Scrap:
There are several ways to shred and cut scraps into small pieces before recycling them as materials for production. One of these is using Oxygen Lance to cut those scraps, especially with high hardness or huge-size scraps. Thermic Lance is a steel pipe with inserted wires, or wires and inner pipe that are to be used for fusing the metals and so on. The principle is to harness the high-temperature oxidation heat by providing the pressurized oxygen inside an ignited steel tube. Generally, the metal tube contains steel wire that promotes combustion.
Thermic Lance Experiments (Steel Bar Cutting)

Connection Types of Daiwa TL Lance Pipe

  • Use with no connect 

Plain ends -- Some customers prefer to use plain ends TL when one piece is enough to complete the job.

Plain ends drawing:

D. Daiwa Thermic Lance 1. 20.12.11-1


  • Use with thread & socket

Thread & socket – Many customers use this way to connect TL to each other, no need to waste half the used TL.

Threaded and socket drawing:



  • Use with quick coupling

For this way of connection, it is an easy connection type when the operator just hits TL and coupling together to the wall or floor a coup of times then connected.

Most popular size for this quick coupling type is ¼”(OD 13.8mm) x Length TYPE-T.

TL quick coupling


Thermic Lance (TL) is one of Daiwa Lance's high-performance products. Because of the various applications, there are various demands and requirements for utilizing Thermic Lance. At the production site, it is advisable to use a Thermic Lance with aluminum wires as a cutting tool to perform work effectively.
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Basic Knowledge about Thermic Lance