A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding CC Lance Pipe

We've covered a lot about oxygen lance pipes in previous discussions, specifically focusing on CA Lance and Thermic Lance. However, we have yet another exceptional product that stands out in its application for cutting and blowing purposes. Today, we want to introduce you to a remarkable product that has proven its usefulness over time called CC Lance. This incredible innovation comes in the form ceramic coatings, a shield of strength which has the capability to transform regular lance pipes into heat-resistant, corrosion-defying champions. Together, we'll explore how these coatings are applied, what materials make them so remarkable, and the incredible benefits they bring to the table in the blog post below. 

What is CC Lance Pipe? 

CC Lance Pipe, short for Ceramic Coated Lance Pipe, is a type of oxygen lance pipe primarily made from mild steels with its heat-resistance significantly enhanced by undergoing a transformation through the application of a special refractory ceramic coating to both its inner and outer surfaces. This remarkable ceramic coating acts as a powerful shield, providing protection against the corrosives of liquid metals and slags in EAF to ensure that the pipes remain long-lasting and durable even in extreme conditions.

CC Lance Pipe has a sleek and shiny black appearance, resembling mild steel pipes in its long and hollow design. However, what sets it apart is the distinctive gray ceramic coatings that run along its entire length, making it easily recognizable.

Definition of Ceramic Coating Lance Pipes (CC Lance)

(Ceramic Coated Lance Pipe (CC Lance) - a versatile cutting and blowing product of Daiwa Lance)

Characteristics of CC Lance Pipe

Originating from mild steels, CC Lance inherits all the remarkable qualities that are characteristic of this durable material, including:

  • contains a low percentage of carbon, less than 0.25%.
  • high ductility.
  • easily welded and shaped.
  • high tensile strength and extremely sturdy.
  • budget-friendly.

However, it is important to note that mild steel pipes are vulnerable to oxidation. This means that they can corrode when exposed to oxygen and moisture, leading to the formation of rust. To address this vulnerability, CC Lance Pipe undergoes a subtle improvement through the application of a unique refractory protective ceramic layer, both internally and externally. This exceptional coating not only mitigates the vulnerability but also brings numerous other benefits to enhance the overall performance of the pipe, such as:

  • enhanced thermal stability (due to the higher melting point of ceramic layers). 
  • more durable in high temperature environment. 
  • reduced pipe consumption. 
  • minimized downtime. 
  • increased lifespan.
  • improved corrosion resistance. 

Top 6 benefits of CC Lance Pipe

What is CC Lance Pipe used for?

CC Lance Pipes find widespread application in EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), serving as the go-to choice for carbon injection, oxygen and gas blowing purposes. The versatility of these pipes extends beyond these functions, with instances where they are utilized for slag removing, taphole opening and scrap cutting as well.

Applications of Ceramic Coating Lance Pipe (CC Lance)(Being a versatile cutting and blowing product, CC Lance Pipe is widely used for many purposes)

Carbon injection

This is a crucial process in which carbon is introduced into the molten metal to enhance its properties and composition. By carefully inserting CC Lance Pipes into the molten metal bath, the carbon can be evenly distributed throughout the molten metal, resulting in improved properties and composition.

Slag removing

Slag, which refers to the impurities and waste materials that float on the surface of the molten metal, can hinder the efficiency of the metal refining process. When CC Lance Pipe is inserted in the molten metal bath, the powerful heat generated by the gas blowing action of CC Lance Pipe aids in the smooth flow of the slag, allowing it to easily escape from the slag door side. As the slag is carried away, the clean and purified metal is left behind, ready for further processing. 

Scrap cutting

Scrap cutting refers to the removal and disposal of unwanted or unusable metal scraps in various industries. With CC Lance Pipe's exceptional heat-resistance and durability, it becomes the perfect tool for this task. The refractory ceramic coating on the pipe ensures that it remains unaffected by the intense heat generated during the scrap cutting process.

Taphole opening

A taphole is a small opening in the furnace or converter that allows for the controlled release of molten metal or slag. This process is crucial for the efficient and safe operation of the furnace. When it comes to taphole opening, the heat-resistance and durability of CC Lance Pipe are essential. The refractory ceramic coating on the pipe provides a protective barrier against the extreme temperatures and corrosive elements encountered during this process. By carefully inserting the CC Lance Pipe into the taphole, workers can effectively control the flow of molten metal or slag, ensuring a smooth and controlled release.

Other usages 

CC Lance Pipe is not only a versatile tool for blowing and cutting, but it also has a wide range of applications depending on the specific needs and purposes of each industry. If you want to learn more about how CC Lance Pipe can meet your unique requirements, don't hesitate to get in touch with us in the link below.

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