3 Essential Features of CC Lance

Daiwa CC Lance Pipe (Daiwa Ceramic Coated Lance Pipe), a versatile and protective lance pipe primarily used for oxygen and carbon blowing into Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF), has demonstrated its invaluable contribution to the steel industry due to its unique attributes and exceptional performance over the years. Among multiple benefits such as enhanced thermal stability or excellent durability in high temperature environment, Daiwa CC Lance Pipe offers a plethora of other advantages particularly beneficial for foundry managers and operation workers.

In this blog post, we will take you on a journey to explore the 3 key features of Daiwa CC Lance Pipe. By the end, you will have a clear understanding of whether this product is the perfect fit for your needs. So, let's dive in and discover the amazing attributes of Daiwa CC Lance Pipe with us. 

The Features of CC Lance Pipe

Affordable Price 

Price is undoubtedly the first thing and also the last thing that most of foundry managers think about when making decisions in any business transactions for their factories. In other words, no matter how good a product is, if it exceeds the allowable budget, it is considered a product that cannot be chosen. Understanding this important point, Daiwa Lance invented CC Lance as a better choice than SC Lance in terms of features but the price range is not as high as CA Lance

Whether you want to know how much support Daiwa Lance can have for CC Lance Pipe users, or you want to check details such as minimum order quantity, delivery time, technical specifications and other relevant information, there's a link below to connect you to our customer support team who is always ready and available to respond to your inquiries within 24 hours, excluding holidays and weekends. 

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Electric Shock Prevention 

For those who have firsthand experience working in a factory, it is not an overstatement to describe it as a hazardous environment filled with potential risks. Any carelessness in using heavy machinery equipment all leads to severe injuries and even a tragic loss of life. Among all the common safety risks, electric shock becomes a typical example. 

An electric shock that travels through the human body, penetrating our skin and coursing through our blood vessels, has the potential to cause severe burns, harm internal organs, and even result in fatal consequences. When using ordinary and low quality black pipes, it is highly likely that operation workers can experience such minor electric shocks. Despite the voltage not being at alarming levels, it can still cause discomfort and fatigue posing a risk to the health of operation workers, which should be avoided during steel production. 

In this scenario, Daiwa CC Lance Pipe emerges as a viable option with its upgrade design featuring a double layer ceramic coating both in and outside. This innovative feature not only guarantees electrical insulation due to its ceramic coating but also serves as a pivotal safeguard against any possible electric shock hazards.

Structure of CC Lances

Increased Lifespan

Daiwa CC Lance Pipe is a consumable product, which means it will be eventually used up or depleted during its usage in steel production. Therefore, it is incredibly important to consider the consumption rate at which Daiwa CC Lance Pipe is consumed during each tap to tap time.

Typically, it requires the usage of 3 to 7 pcs of ordinary black pipes to be completely consumed within a 60-minute tap to tap time. This means that approximately every 8 to 20 minutes, one ordinary black pipe will be lost during the steel production process.

In contrast, when it comes to the remarkable Daiwa CC Lance Pipe, the meticulous coating technology that applies enhanced layers of ceramic over the surface of mild steel pipes ensures a significantly prolonged lifespan. With just 2 pcs of Daiwa CC Lance Pipe required for every 60-minute tap to tap time to facilitate oxygen and carbon injection into EAF, the lifespan is substantially increased to 30 minutes, resulting in the higher consumption rate for one Daiwa CC Lance Pipe.


Employees are a valuable asset to any company, and the protection for their health and well-being should never be overlooked. When considering purchasing machinery equipment for your factory, it is vital to prioritize both price and quality simultaneously.

After exploring the 3 essential features of Daiwa CC Lance Pipe, which include its affordability, ability to prevent electric shock, and its increased lifespan, we hope you now have a better understanding of this exceptional product. If you have any concerns about the quality of our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here or subscribe to our blogs for more valuable information in the weeks to come.

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