How to Recognize an Authentic Calorized Lance Pipe?

Calorized Lance Pipe is a product that undergoes a heat treatment and the diffusion of an aluminum-iron mixture to enhance its heat resistance in high-temperature environments, such as EAF furnaces. It is favored and widely used in steel melting furnaces. However, the market has seen an increasing presence of unauthentic calorized lance pipes with low heat resistance, lacking the calorized layer, and only having a basic aluminum coating painted onto the surface. To prevent such low-quality products, we invite you to read this blog post on how to recognize authentic Calorized Lance Pipes below.

The difference between Calorized Lance Pipes and the Unauthentic Ones

What is Calorized Lance Pipe?

  • Calorized Lance Pipe is mostly used to inject oxygen and other gases into steel melting furnaces.
  • The term "calorized" in Calorized Lance Pipe refers to a specific treatment of aluminum oxide applied to both the inner and outer surfaces of the lance pipe.
  • In addition to having a calorized layer on the outer and inner surfaces surrounding mild steel, Calorized Lance Pipe is also coated with ceramic to enhance its heat resistance and wearability.
  • When exposed to high temperatures, the calorized layer forms a heat-resistant aluminum oxide (alumina) film on the surface, protecting mild steel from severe oxidation.

Microview of Calorized Layer

How is Calorized Lance Pipe manufactured?

To produce Calorized Lance Pipe, a diffusion technology is used to deeply penetrate the steel pipe, creating a calorized layer on both the outer and inner surfaces. When mild steel is heated to temperatures reaching 1,000°C, aluminum penetrates the material, creating a durable aluminum-iron alloy (known as the calorized layer) that coats both the inner and outer surfaces of the mild steel.

The process that forms the calorized layer of Calorized Lance Pipe

Performance of Calorized Lance Pipe Compared to the Unauthentic Ones

To test the performance of Calorized Lance Pipe, we conducted a high-temperature heating experiment at 1,270°C for 50 hours.

After 50 hours, Calorized Lance Pipe did not break due to heat exposure, while the unauthentic calorized lance pipe's structure was broken because it couldn't withstand the high temperature. Therefore, when making a purchase, it's crucial to be attentive in choosing an authentic product; otherwise, you may not select a product that meets the desired performance.

The performance test for Calorized Lance Pipes and Ordinary Lance Pipes

Can Calorized Lance Pipes be Distinguished From the Unauthentic Ones by Visual Inspection (Using the Naked Eyes)?

The answer is that it is quite difficult to do so. Except for experts with many years of experience in Calorized Lance Pipe production, ordinary individuals cannot visually distinguish authentic Calorized Lance Pipes from the unauthentic ones because the products look very similar. Below is an image of Calorized Lance Pipe using the diffusion method, which doesn't appear significantly different from an unauthentic one.

Ordinary Lance Pipe

How Can We Determine Whether a Steel Pipe Has Been Calorized or Not After Purchasing?

In order to recognize an authentic Calorized Lance Pipe, we can use a microscope for inspection.
First, cut the pipe, grind and polish it. Then, apply a chemical to expose the calorized layer. To measure the thickness of the calorized layer, we can use a microscope to inspect and compare. Below is a sample comparison between an unauthentic calorized lance pipe and a pipe that has been calorized using diffusion technology to create a calorized layer on the surfaces of the steel pipe.

Calorized Lance Pipe under the microscope

However, the best approach is still to choose a reputable supplier. Daiwa Lance, with many years of experience, provides products to more than 250 customers in over 50 countries worldwide. We are committed to offering you a quality, reliable product with friendly customer service, speed, and a comprehensive experience. Please contact us by clicking the link below to reach our customer care department for inquiries about details such as pricing, types of pipes, sizes, minimum order quantities, or samples.

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How to Recognize an Authentic Calorized Lance Pipe?