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Previously, we have released many blogs to our customers, however, have you ever wondered what kind of company Daiwa Lance is, and how we contribute to making a world better place? To begin the Year 2023, we would like to use this opportunity to successfully draw our overall business and company profile to all of our clients to start a new motivation year ahead. In this blog, we are going to let you see Daiwa Lance's on-site business lineup, safety activities, and other appealing points so that you can get a stronger sense of the company's spirit and philosophy.

History of Daiwa Lance

Daiwa Lance, we take satisfaction in our attempts to distribute our high-quality steel pipes to more than 52 countries worldwide, having been in business since 1996. Our biggest challenge is to be able to produce steel pipes in various shapes and sizes that can withstand the extreme conditions of high heat or severe corrosion, while also minimizing the costs incurred in the materials so that we can pass savings on to our customers.
Daiwa Lances Product around the world
  • Historical Years: 

In 1996, Daiwa Lance obtained a business license and established our headquarter in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. In 1997, Daiwa Lance started our production line of oxygen lance pipes, metallurgy accessories, and other steel products for construction and agriculture came into operation. In 2001, Daiwa Lance acquired the Certification of ISO 9001 Quality Management System.
Daiwa Lance front side

Photo of Front Side Plant of Daiwa Lance

In 2002, the Heating furnace equipment was transferred from Belgium to Vietnam, and production facilities expanded to enhance productivity in manufacturing. In 2008, Daiwa Lance installed the Tube Mill Production Line to expand our business. In 2011, Daiwa Lance acquired Certification in ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

Tubing Mill Daiwa Lance

Photo One Side of Tubing Mill inside Daiwa Lance Plant

In 2014, we expanded the building for operation and started manufacturing general carbon steel pipe, then in 2015, we started the production of Thermic Lance pipe. In 2016, there was a new license of investment in steel pipes and pipe accessories to expand the production capacity and started the production of Color Pipe products. In 2017, we acquired JIS Standard Certification (SGP, STK, STKM).

Daiwa Lance's Product

Daiwa Calorized Lance pipe (CA Lance) has been used since 1955 around the world including in Japan, the USA, and Europe. Daiwa CA Lance lasts 3 to 10 times longer than mild steel lances and is used not only for the melting and refining of steel by blowing oxygen gas, but is also used for the injection of carbon, lime, and/or other additives. 

CA Lance 3pcs


Daiwa SC LANCE is a mild steel pipe made with HRC (Hot Rolled Steel Sheet in the coil), welded by high-frequency welding equipment, without oil and grease on the pipe. Daiwa SC Lance generates a high temperature of over 3,000℃ by blowing oxygen and melting solidified steel, and slag on equipment.


DAIWA THERMIC LANCE  (TL) is a steel pipe filled with wires or a mixture of wires and an inner pipe, when burning generates a powerful flame up to 4,000°C without noise and vibration to break up materials quickly. This product is mainly used for burning and cutting large iron castings, stainless steels, brass, non-ferrous metal, refractory materials, concrete, ceramic, natural stone, etc... with high efficiency and productivity.


We also design suitable connection types for each type of our product:

Contribution to Enviroment and Human Being

  • Great and Safe Working Environment:
    Every year, we conduct a thorough examination of the average amount of fine dust within our plant, as well as the oxygen level in the office. We control air quality and waste in accordance with SDG 11 and safe working conditions in accordance with SDG 14. We have numerous internal safety training and machinery to experience labor accidents to enhance awareness of employees during processing within the plant, in addition to regulating a good working environment to safeguard our own workers. Our heating system is properly managed as air waste so that we may safeguard not only our workers' working environment but also contribute to fresh air on Earth.

Safety training

Photo of Daiwa Lance Internal Training

  • Air and Gas Emission Control for both Internal Protection and Contribution to Decarbonization:
    There are certain air and gas emissions emitted into the environment throughout the manufacturing process, thus the necessity of Gas control and Emission has to follow the Government Regulation with an Annual Check. Our heating system is properly managed as air waste so that we may safeguard not only our workers' working environment but also contribute to fresh air on Earth. We have monthly and quarterly inspections by the government and one environmental quality business to ensure that we not only obey the rules but also have the philosophy of creating a sustainable environment.

  • Water Treatment to Protect the Environment:
    After slitting, the edge of the Mother coils becomes Steel Scrap and is utilized as steel production materials for the Electric Furnace. Meanwhile, effluent from the Tubing Mill machine, which includes some oil for manufacturing, is used within the facility without being discharged into the environment and is reused after chemical treatment. To absorb the dust, we have dust collection devices installed within the plants. Even this dust will not be hazardous to the environment. However, because we care about our employees' health, properly configured devices and systems will produce a pleasant working environment. On the other hand, this dust is collected and then processed as industrial waste in accordance with government regulations before being released into the environment.
Waste Water Treatment

Photo of One Part of The Water Treatment System inside the Plant


By showing Daiwa Lance's on-site business lineup, safety activities, and other appealing points, customers can get a stronger sense of the company's spirit and philosophy.
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