How to Use Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance with Straighten & Reroll Machine

Thermic lance is a powerful cutting tool to help the cutting job be completed quickly. However, quick burning rate and short length of each pipe require the frequency of changing pipes during the cutting process leading to low productivity. Furthermore, using a thermic lance in front of a furnace for cleaning applications is considered as unsafe work. It prompts the need for an automatic system cutting that both provides safety and productivity. Through our company's dedicated efforts in collaboration with engineers at a steel mill, we've developed an upgraded product called Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance and a semi-automatic machine called Straighten and Reroll Machine to use Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance effectively. 

In order to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of this innovative product and its accompanying Straighten and Reroll Machine, we've prepared this blog article, complete with detailed explanations and illustrations.

Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance

Daiwa Thermic Lance is a steel pipe with the hollow core packed with steel wires and mostly used for cleaning, melting and cutting large or heavy metal materials.

Along with the increasing demand for product features and operator safety, the upgraded version called Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance made by Daiwa Lance, was introduced, offering many additional conveniences.

The upgraded Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance is in a roll-type form with a length that can be extended from 5.5m to 30m or more. It is semi-automatically controlled by a specialized machine, requiring very little human effort.

Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance

Here's how you can use Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance to save a significant amount of material when cutting high-hardness and large-sized objects.

After each roll (normally 33m per roll) is fully consumed, the remaining pipe ends can be reused. This is achieved by straightening them with the support of a specialized machine and a quick coupling to connect two separate rolls.

To gain a deeper understanding of the operation of the Straighten and Reroll Machine exclusively designed for Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance, let’s proceed to the next part of this blog.

Straighten and Reroll Machine

Straighten & Reroll Machine is designed to simulate an semi-automatic feeding system capable of controlling the operations of Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance needing very little human intervention. Below, you'll find the technical specifications of this specialized machine.

Machine Name Straighten and Reroll Machine
Function Straighten the remaining lance pipes and connect it to the new roll
Motor power   2.2KW, 380V
Straightening speed  0.2m/second
Roll pipe diameter 1m
Machine weight   800kg

The operating principle of Straighten and Reroll Machine is that after Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance has been completely fed for cleaning slags or cutting large-sized materials, the operator selects the switch button to wind up the pipes and then continues by connecting a new rolled pipe into the machine for further use. This process saves time in replacing pipes and ensures safety for the operator. 

Straighten & Reroll Machine

How to Use Straighten & Reroll Machine

Below are detailed instructions for each function:


Purpose: Straighten the remaining rolled pipes.

How to use: 

  1. Insert the rolled pipes into the machine and position the pipe tip into the machine roll.
  2. Use the push-button switch to manually inch the pipe and straighten it.
  3. Adjust the rollers to ensure the pipe is straight.
  4. Extend the pipe to the desired length for oxyacetylene cutting.


Purpose: Connect the remaining rolled pipes to the new roll by rerolling them together.

How to use: 

  1. Upon completion of thermic lance cutting, engage the switch for motor reverse rotation.
  2. Carefully wind up the pipes to connect them to the new roll.


By addressing the challenges of traditional thermic lance cutting, such as safety concerns, material losses, and manual labor requirements, Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance and Straighten & Reroll Machine offer a path towards greater efficiency and productivity. 

With the ability to extend the length of the lance and semi-automatically control operations, our upgraded product promises to streamline the cutting process while minimizing waste. 

As we move forward, let us continue to embrace innovation and explore new possibilities in cutting technology to drive progress and success for your production.

If you’re ready to experience the remarkable performance that Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance can make, click here to get started.

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How to Use Daiwa Rolled Thermic Lance with Straighten & Reroll Machine