Why is Fumigation Certificate Necessary For Exporting Oxygen Lance Pipes?

The fumigation process and fumigation certificate are important requirements of customs clearance procedures of exporting before the containers reach their destination countries. In Daiwa Lance, under the strict quality control of the production process, we produced various types of Lance pipes to afford customers' requirements. Providing suitable fumigation certification is also one of the basic documents to have customs clearance. Some customers will need an explanation of the complex and detailed rules without the need to search for information within this blog.
We will summarize and give you the overall information with specific examples to have a general understanding of all of Daiwa Lance's fumigation processes we are having currently.

Fumigation Certificate

  • What exactly is fumigation?

Fumigation is a pesticide treatment that employs fumes to eliminate bugs that dwell within the wood. It is necessary to safeguard the ecosystems of delivery nations from multinational pests that may be present in shipping lumber or wood.

  • When is fumigation necessary?

Fumigation is required for all solid wood getting shipped abroad. It consists of wooden pallets, furniture, and other wooden items. It is not, however, essential for wood-derived materials such as cardboard, particleboard, and other man-made wood derivatives. A fumigation license must include information such as treating diseases, fumigants employed, usage duration, and operating temperatures during the spraying procedure.
Logistics companies select plastic packaging methods over wood to eliminate the requirement for infection.

Fumigation Stamp on Wood

Photo of Wooden Bars Stamped by Fumigation Company

Fumigation Certificate of Daiwa Lance 

  • Why is the Fumigation Certificate Required?
In 2002, the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15) were created to regulate plant protection measures for timber containers. Earlier, world trade was limited by a complex set of prohibitions imposed by many agencies. ISPM 15 measures establish a standard that all exporters must follow in order to avoid the transmission of pests by sanitizing all wooden shipping.

DLIs Fumigation Cert 1

Photo of One Fumigation Certification of Daiwa Lance provided by Fumigation Company

Fumigation Process Applying on Daiwa Lance's Containers

Cargoes are not allowed to be imported into some countries without a fumigation certificate, of concern that hazardous insects, bacteria, or disease will impair their living environment. However, fumigation certificates are not always required. Some countries that need this certification are the US, China, India, and others.
In some shipments, Daiwa Lance uses the wooden bar to separate among layers of bundles as in the below photos. In those cases, fumigation is required to meet the needs of importing countries.

Container with Layer Wooden Bar

Photos of Shipment with Wooden Bar inside Container to Separate Bundles of Lance Pipes


The fumigation process and fumigation certificate are critical needs of export customs clearing procedures before containers arrive in their destination nations. We developed several varieties of Lance pipes at Daiwa Lance under tight quality control of the production process to meet the needs of our clients. One of the basic documents required for customs clearance is appropriate fumigation certification. Some clients will require an explanation of the difficult and extensive rules without having to hunt for them on our blog.

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Why is Fumigation Certificate Necessary For Exporting Oxygen Lance Pipes?