Daiwa CA Lance, Thermocouple protection tube

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Today we are introducing about Daiwa CA Lance, Protection Tube of Thermocouple.

Daiwa CA Lance special application 

Today we would like to introduce our Daiwa CA Lance special application for protection tube of thermocouple.

The Thermocouple used for measurement of melted metal temperature for copper or zinc.

Insert the Thermocouple to Daiwa CA Lance Tube and dip in the melted metal to measure the temperature.

Daiwa CA Lance can protect Thermocouple against high heat and corrosive liquid metal.



Main size and specification

OD 27.2 x 3.9mm x 2.0meter length (Size is differ for each customer’s convenience).

Calorized inside and outside of pipe then ceramic coated outside of the pipe.

One end welded and closed (see below drawing)

If you are interest for CA LANCE PIPE for this usage, please feel free to contact with our sales agent or our sales department.

We serve DAIWA CA LANCE to our customers to contribute their steel making production, and it’s long life reduce working time and save cost for the electric arc furnace steel making, together with safety work.

We are pleased to support you as always.


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Daiwa CA Lance, Thermocouple protection tube