Efforts to Ensure Safety, Security, and Health at Manufacturing Plants


Since the steelworks is a highly dangerous workplace, it is optimal to work safely, securely, and healthily without accidents to continue production and protect each employee. Working a long time in factories would make workers tired and unable to concentrate, so accidents easily occur. In the meantime, due to work-related and labor accidents, operations would be stopped temporarily, which can bring a major impact on production activities. Furthermore, with frequent risks without strictly controlling, there would be some losses in sales due to the stoppage of production.

In this blog, We'd like to introduce our effort to ensure safety, security, and health at our manufacturing plant not only to protect our laborers but also to support the production process to keep all shipments on time.

Safety Trainings

When working in a plant, safety training is crucial. All safety protocols must be understood by employees, especially those that apply to their particular role. Periodically holding special training will help to lower the likelihood of mishaps. In Daiwa Lance, we increase safety awareness among employees through in-house danger experience training, providing many emergency training, and fire fighting training to protect both human beings and reduce risks in case of fire issues.
  • AED training: AED is an abbreviation for "Automated External Defibrillator", and it is a "highly controlled medical device" also called "automatic external defibrillator". This one will give an electric shock to a person whose heart has suddenly stopped to restart the heart. Together with this device, we have the training on how to use this device correctly and how to manage life-saving precisely in emergency cases. 
  • Labor accidents experiencing: Working a long time in the factory, workers may have some issues related to not concentrating. We let our workers have experienced by feelings the dangers of safety machines. So that they always are mindful of what could go wrong and what they can do to avert a potentially hazardous scenario in order to keep themselves and the people around them safe.

Safety training

  • Firefighting training: This fundamental fire fighting training's goal is to equip participants with the abilities to recognize conditions that could ignite a fire, understand how to use a fire extinguisher, react appropriately to fire emergencies, follow the fire evacuation plan, and effectively implement fire emergency procedures. 

Facilities and Regulation to Control and Support Safety

Besides providing many pieces of training to raise awareness of employees to keep themselves away from labor accidents. Daiwa Lance also has systems and facilities to control safety during production operations.
  • Camera: With the ongoing risk of danger from equipment failures and other incidents, employee safety and security are front of mind for manufacturing and logistic operations. Using cameras can detect and keep an eye on whether employees wear safety gear comprehensively or not with a helmet, working uniform, protection glasses, and appropriate footwear.

  • Firefighting equipment: we provide many firefighting equipment around the plants so that in case of issues, there would be enough things to stop the fire and protect everything.
  • Regulation: Daiwa Lance controls strictly wearing safety gear during working inside the factory. Safety gear includes a helmet, gloves, safety shoes, uniforms, protecting glasses, and a set of covering legs.


Due to the significant risk of accidents at the steelworks, it is best to work securely, healthily, and safely without incidents in order to maintain production and safeguard each person. Workers at workplaces would be fatigued and unable to focus if they worked long hours, which would make accidents more likely. 

If you wish to know more about our experiences in keeping safety and on-pace production operations, please contact our dynamic team so we could support you both with our product and advice for safety in the production plant.

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Efforts to Ensure Safety, Security, and Health at Manufacturing Plants