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Today we are introducing about Daiwa Thermic Lance with half wire

Thermic Lance with half wire


Some customer prefer special specification of HALF WIRE THERMIC with several applications.

Difficulty of operator:

・Working place is hot and dangerous, so cannot be close to the site.

・Operator need to keep some distance at working site.

・And full wire Thermic is too heavy for operator to handle.

Our offer for easy operation

・Put wire only half way of Thermic, use only edge to half.

・Lighter weight easy to handle for operator.

・Save waste materials. No need to throw away non use wire so good for environment. 

Below is drawing and weight difference between full and half Thermic of OD 27.2mm and OD 17.3mm.

Weight difference:

OD 27.2mm x 4m: half wire 10.5kg. Full wire 14.7kg

OD 17.3mm x 3m: half wire 3.40kg. Full wire 4.25kg


For more details , please feel free to consult with our sales department or sales agent.

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Easy operation - Daiwa Thermic Lance