The Complete Buyer's Guide to Daiwa Lance Products


End users have a variety of alternatives for using steel pipes to improve performance, depending on each application and usage purpose. Customers have additional options for using steel pipes to boost efficiency, depending on the application and usage goals, particularly for oxygen lancing. Customers struggle because they are unable to see how much their productivity may be increased over time or which alternative would be best for certain scenarios. In this blog, we are going to show you the overall information of our lancing pipes.

Oxygen Blowing Purpose Lance Pipe

So, what is a lance pipe? What kind of steel pipe use for oxygen injection purpose? Lance pipe is the one used to take out the carbon from melting metal using an oxygen Lance Pipe. The molten metal is given an oxygen injection during the steelmaking process in order to achieve the correct carbon content. Induction and electric furnaces, blast furnaces, basic oxygen furnaces, and other types of furnaces all employ this method. The oxidizing action burns off any extra carbon in the molten metal, bringing the carbon content down to a manageable level.

Daiwa Lance's Oxygen Lance Pipes

  • Daiwa SC Lance pipe is made of mild steel with a low carbon content (less than 0.25 %). The pipes do not harden and are easy to use because of their low carbon content. MS Pipes are readily welded and molded into various forms and sizes for pipelining and tubing applications since they are constructed of mild steel. This kind is commonly applied in a variety of industrial and engineering applications, as well as for lancing purposes in steel manufacturing.

  • Daiwa Ceramic Coated Lance Pipe (CC Lance Pipe) is manufactured by applying a special refractory coating on the inside and outside of mild steel pipe. Depending upon the normal bore of the pipe refractory coats are applied both inside and outside of the pipe. This improves the resistance of the Ceramic Coated Pipes to the attack of liquid metal and slag. It is used in Electric Arc Furnace for oxygen, and other gas blowing. The Coating Layers are provided in more than 1-time coating layer, depending on each customer's requirement. Compared to Calorized Lance pipe, Ceramic Coated Lance pipe is easier to burn during usage.

  • Daiwa Calorized Lance Pipe (CA Lance pipe) is produced by our know-how of Calorizing process technology. During the production, Calorized layer and Ceramic coating are provided both for the outside and inside of the pipe. Our calorizing process lets CA Lance pipe stand for a much longer time than normal Mild steel pipe. It is used for oxygen/carbon injection for steel making. The calorized layer and the refractory coating layer together generate strong heat resistance and anti-oxidation to achieve minimum consumption of lance pipe to cut down your cost. 

SC Lance - CC Lance - CA Lance

Photo of Daiwa SC, CC, CA Lance Pipe with half-cutting to see the inner part


  • Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipe (AL), which is produced from an aluminum pipe with ceramic coating, applies a thick refractory coating to the aluminum pipe by a special method and develops and supplies products suitable for silicon metal production. We do double ceramic coating to make sure durability for higher performance purposes. We produce a double ceramic coating with a special method and give them enough durability and lifetime suitable for silicon metal production.

Aluminum Lance pipe

Photo of Daiwa AL Lance Pipe with Socket


  • Daiwa Thermic Lance pipe (TL) is a steel pipe filled with wires or a mixture of wires and an inner pipe, when burning generates a powerful flame up to 4,000°C without noise and vibration to break up materials quickly. This product is mainly used for burning and cutting large iron castings, stainless steels, brass, non-ferrous metal, refractory materials, concrete, ceramic, natural stone, etc... with high efficiency and productivity.

Photo of Daiwa TL Pipe


Customers struggle because they can't tell how much their productivity may rise over time or which course of action would be the best in certain circumstances. For usage in construction or other applications without strict requirements for long-term heat resistance, we propose the Daiwa CC Lance pipe.

For more details, please feel free to consult with our sales department or sales agent. We will always do our best effort to serve you.

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The Complete Buyer's Guide to Daiwa Lance Products