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Daiwa SC Lance pipe

One of the various pipes used in the steel-making process is mild steel pipe. Daiwa Lance has created Daiwa SC lance pipe with several unique characteristics that may be utilized for various applications in the steel manufacturing process according to this international requirement. It is feasible to give you sufficient bits of knowledge in this article by highlighting Daiwa SC Lance's positive traits and focusing on value-added points, enabling you to contact us with confidence later.

Daiwa SC Pipe: What is it?

Steel with a low percentage of carbon (less than 0.25%) is used to make mild steel (MS) pipes. The pipes are easy to operate since they contain less carbon and do not harden. Since mild steel is used to manufacture MS Pipes, it is simple to join and curve them into a range of diameters and forms for pipelining and tube applications.
A high-frequency welding machine is used to produce Daiwa SC Lance mild steel pipes, which are composed of hot-rolled steel sheets without grease- and oil-covered pipes. By blowing oxygen and melting steel that has hardened and slag on machinery, Daiwa SC Lance produces high temperatures of over 3,000°C.

SC Lance 3pcs

Photo of Daiwa SC lance Pipes

Application of Daiwa SC Lance Pipe

Applications of Daiwa SC Lance Pipe:
  • Opening Tap Hole

Lance pipes are initially used to open the tap hole during the manufacturing of steel by blast furnace steel mills in order to ensure that the flow of molten iron into the process is sufficient. To remove the molten iron and slag, the taphole at the bottom of the furnace must be periodically opened.

  • Removing Slag:
The accumulation of solidified slag trapped in mechanical equipment in continuous casting equipment after the ironmaking process comes to an end can deteriorate operating performance over time. After pouring out liquid steel, the workers will use SC Lance pipe to clean stuck metal inside various areas inside Steel Mill Plant after processing time. 

  • Cleaning Purpose:
The accumulation of solidified slag trapped in mechanical equipment such as ladle cars or tundish nozzles in continuous casting equipment after the ironmaking process comes to an end can deteriorate operating performance over time. The SC Lance pipe is called to be used over here once again for the cleaning furnace, removing slag on the wall of the ingot case,  and pig iron at the iron notch of the blast furnace.

Connection Types of Daiwa SC Lance Pipe

  • Plain ends -- Some customers prefer to use plain ends of SC lance pipe without any connection when one piece is enough to complete the job.

SC many sizes


  • Thread & socket: it is easy to connect 2 pipes no need to waste half-used pipe. For this type, we use a wrench for tightening while connecting the pipe. 

SC with Socket


  • Press Coupling: it's an easy connection type, by just hitting pipes and coupling them together to the wall or floor a coup of times then connecting.

SC with Press Coupling


* Special Chamfering: Besides the normal Plain End type, we also can prepare this special Chamfering due to customers' requirements and it is easy to insert a holder in this case. 

SC with Special cut 2SC with special cut


In accordance with this worldwide criteria, Daiwa Lance has developed a Daiwa SC lance pipe with a number of distinctive qualities that may be used for a variety of applications in the fabrication of steel. By emphasizing the benefits of Daiwa SC Lance and concentrating on value-added information, it is possible to provide you with enough information in this article so that you may get in touch with us later in confidence.

For more details, please feel free to consult with our sales department or sales agent. We will always do our best effort to serve you.

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