Introduction of Thermic Lance

Daiwa Thermic Lance (TH) is a steel pipe filled with inner tube and wires and creates super high temperature and powerful flame. Thermic Lance can produce super high heat rate up to 4,000℃ with Fe + O2 → Fe2O3 + Heat reaction. It burns itself by blowing oxygen and produces high heat. The principle is to harness oxidation heat of high temperature by providing pressurized oxygen to inside the ignited steel pipe. Generally the inside of a metal tube contains steel wire that promotes combustion.

Application of Thermic Lance

  1. Open tap hole of blast furnace, electric arc furnace, cupola, and iron notch.

  2. Remove metal and slag stuck to the mixer car (torpedo rail car).

  3. Clean ladle nozzle and tundish nozzle in continuous casting equipment

  4. Fuse and cut steel piles and large scrap objects. Remove deposit metal from converter or electric arc furnace. Cut and clear solidified spillages of metals, etc.

Type of Thermic Lance

Type-T (Double tube type)

This one can produce a straight flame at high speed to splashes out materials to make holes or break up it quickly.

Type-W (Fully packed wires)

This one can produce a wider flame at higher temperature than Type- T to dissolve solid materials that have high melting points.

Suitable Thermic Lance for Your Production

Are you considering which type of Thermic Lance to take into your process?

Type-T mostly is suitable for cutting steel piles, large scrap objects, and solidified spillages of metals. Type-W is used for removing solid metals, slag stuck, cleaning ladle nozzle and tundish nozzle in casting.

Are you having a unique and special order for your own requirements?

Definitely we can provide our Thermic Lance for all special requirements of customers, depending on their usage and working conditions. One of them is our Thermic Lance with half wire.

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We recognize our customers really care about their labors. The working place is hot and dangerous to stay close to the site, so operators need to keep some distance at the working area. In the meantime, full wire Thermic Lance is heavy for operators to handle.

We produce and offer this product for better and easier operation by our half-wire TL. We put wire only half way of Thermic, using only edge to half. This makes the weight lighter and easy to handle. Also, we consider this as saving materials and reducing cost for customers, because you don’t need to throw away the leftover wire, and preserve the environment.

Connecting Instruction for Thermic Lance

Use with no connect

Plain ends -- Some customers prefer to use plain ends Thermic Lance, when one piece is enough to complete job.

Plain ends drawing

Use with thread and socket

Thread and socket – Many customers use this way to connect Thermic Lance to each other, no need to waste half used Thermic Lance.

Threaded and socket drawing

SDGs - Safety in Working Environment with Thermic Lance product

By complying with SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals - the human rights guide to address the development challenges faced in the world) and ISO standards in production as a our company priority, we are able to avoid infections from chemicals, air, water, and soil. We maintain and raise awareness of employees on safety and security by timely training. We have our own safety and real danger experience area to remind workers about safe operating and working inside the plant. Human is the core of business and we always take care of our members carefully.

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Introduction of Thermic Lance