Demolition Test of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Thermic Lance

In order to tear down a building, the concrete is often crushed using an excavator, and the steel is then cut with an oxyacetylene torch. However, excavators cannot be utilized in some high-rise structures, and the oxyacetylene torch cannot deal with concrete demolition. Working for concrete demolition and tearing down parts of mining closure is a risky task, and thermic lance-using construction businesses are unaware of what to look for to ensure safety. There is a knowledge gap about the use of thermic lances to deal with reinforced concrete demolition. It is optimal that customers can find a suitable method to have concrete demolition and steel structures with highly considered safety, security, and healthy for old high-rise buildings that cannot be demolished by excavators due to lack of sufficient space.

In this blog post, we'd like to offer a thermic lance as one of the various solutions for cutting reinforced concrete structures in historic high-rise buildings without the use of an excavator.

Demolition Works

Demolition is the process of tearing down, razing, destroying, or otherwise destroying a building or structure, in whole or in part. Construction work is defined as any task related to the demolition of a structure. Many of the risks involved in concrete demolition are present during demolition work. Moreover, concrete demolition activity is particularly perilous because it entails additional risks as a result of unknowable elements. 



Mainly, the workers will use excavators or concrete demolition hammers to tear down interior walls, construction, buildings, ore bin of mining closure, and so on. However, due to specific areas, the harness of buildings, and the structure of concrete, using those tools and equipment would be tough for operators. By this, using a stronger flame created by thermic lance steep pipes would be a precise choice to solve the situation regarding concrete demolition.

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Ore bin of Mining Closure

Daiwa Lance Thermic Lance for Demolition Works 

Daiwa Thermic Lance is an oxygen lance steel pipe filled with wires or a mixture of wires and inner pipe, generating flame up to 4,000℃ by oxygen blowing, with various applications as below: 
  1. Opening iron notch and tap hole Blast furnace and Electric Furnace.
  2. Removing of metal and slag stuck to mixer car, converter, and Electric Furnace.
  3. Cleaning ladle nozzle and tundish nozzle in continuous casting equipment.
  4. Fusing and cutting steel piles and large scrap objects.


For Demolition purpose:

  • Types of pipes for concrete demolition of high-rise buildings, ore bin of mining closure
    • Thermic lance 17.3 Type-W is suitable for thicker and harder areas. 

Type W 02

  •  Safety use Thermic Lance
    • The position of the operator should be higher than the cutting point so that the thermic lance makes an angle of about 45 degrees. Oxygen pressure should be regulated at about 9 bar for smooth cutting. We have created a step-by-step guide to operating Thermic Lance with safety as well.

Cut Conrete by TL

Position of the operator cutting Concrete by Thermic Lance

  • Protective equipment
    • The operator should wear protective gear to shield from the particle projection and sparks.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Performance of Thermic Lance for Concrete Demolition

We performed the test with 2 sizes of thermic lance OD17.3 and OD16.0 for both Type-W and Type-T. From the test result, we see that Type-W is more suitable for concrete cutting than Type-T of the same pipe size. And our recommendation to use Thermic lance OD17.3 performed better than OD16.0.
crete structure
Structure of concrete with steel bar inside 
We put steel bars inside together with concrete demolition for the testing performance of Thermic Lance and to see how it performs during our internal test.
Whole Concrete with steel bar inside before cutting by Thermic Lance
cutting concrete done
Whole Concrete with steel bar inside after cutting by Thermic Lance
The testing result is Pipe consumption speed at 10.4 (mm/sec), the cutting ability for 1 meter of pipe is 8300 mm2, and the Cut speed rate at 86 mm2. Therefore, our recommendation is Thermic Lance OD 17.3 Type W for concrete demolition, especially for the mining industry.


Working for concrete demolition and demolishing portions of mining closure is a dangerous task, and thermic lance-using construction enterprises are uninformed of what to look for to ensure safety. There is a lack of information regarding the usage of thermic lances to cut reinforced concrete structures. It is ideal for consumers to be able to find a way for having steel structures and concrete destruction that is well regarded for safety, security, and health for old high-rise buildings that cannot be demolished by excavators owing to a shortage of room.

If you wish to know more about our solution for concrete demolition, especially for the Mining industry, please contact our dynamic team to support you during your journey.

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Demolition Test of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Thermic Lance