Daiwa Thermic Lance: Top 5 Essential Features

Daiwa Thermic Lance has gained widespread recognition as a powerful tool for quickly cutting and demolishing hard objects in the industrial sector. However, what are the features or characteristics that make Daiwa Thermic Lance so useful for cutting and demolishing? Let's explore in the article below the top 5 outstanding features that Daiwa Thermic Lance possesses.

The 5 Features of Daiwa Thermic Lance (2)

Extreme Heat Generation

First and foremost, it is important to highlight the unique feature of Daiwa Thermic Lance that allows it to generate an incredibly high amount of heat by burning the iron wires inside the lance using an oxyacetylene torch. With a simple action of attaching the lance holder to Daiwa Thermic Lance, followed by igniting the iron rods using the torch, we can quickly create a cutting tool with temperatures reaching up to 4,000oC in just one minute.

During this process, a chemical reaction occurs inside the lance between irons and oxygen, as shown in the formula below:

Iron Oxy Reaction

📌 Compared to other products that require longer startup times and produce less heat, Daiwa Thermic Lance truly stands out as an efficient and time-saving tool for operators. 


Following the principle of "Simple is the best," Daiwa Lance has designed the Thermic Lance product with a user-friendly toolkit that includes:
  1. Daiwa Thermic Lance
  2. A lance holder
  3. A set of safety tools 
  4. A set of oxygen flow control regulator
    Daiwa Thermic Lance Kit (GIF)
To effectively utilize Daiwa Thermic Lance, simply follow these simple steps:
  • First, we securely attach the lance holder to Daiwa Thermic Lance and oxygen hose, ensuring that both valves are tightly closed.
  • Next, we use an acetylene torch to heat one end of the Thermic Lance until it glows red hot.
  • Once it reaches the desired temperature, we begin blowing oxygen from a safe distance at a precise angle of 60 degrees.
📌 With its simple design and way to use, Daiwa Thermic Lance is particularly suitable for training the new operators without much efforts while still ensuring consistently efficient cutting and demolishing for all products.

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Highly Portable Design 

With a length ranging from 2m to 5.5m, a lightweight structure, and a thickness of less than 3mm, Daiwa Thermic Lance is incredibly convenient to use in small and narrow spaces within factories. This gives Daiwa Thermic Lance a distinct advantage over bulky and high-power devices. As a result, operators can easily store, maintain, and transport the lance from one location to another, providing greater flexibility and efficiency in completing tasks.

📌 Daiwa Thermic Lance is particularly advantageous to cut and demolish hard objects in the industries that require frequent movement and quick response times, such as steelmaking, construction and emergency services.

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Safety and Control 

One of the common concerns raised by customers is whether the extreme heat generated by Daiwa Thermic Lance when burning objects can cause burns or thermal shock to the person holding it. The answer lies in the anti-backfire system and the cool outer surface of Daiwa Thermic Lance, even as it produces high temperatures within. With this reliable protection against burns and injuries during cutting and demolishing operations, Daiwa Thermic Lance ensures absolute safety and control for operators, making safety one of its prominent features that brings peace of mind to the users. 

📌 The insulation and anti-backfire system of Daiwa Thermic Lance ensures a completely cool outer surface, providing users with a sense of security during the cutting and demolishing operations. 

Cost-Effective and Time-Saving

Instead of spending a huge amount of money investing in a difficult-to-use machine and wasting time training new employees, Daiwa Thermic Lance requires minimal initial costs and does not require intensive training for staff. 

Furthermore, thanks to its fast ignition capability within one minute, minimizing downtime, ease of use, compact design, and increased productivity, Daiwa Thermic Lance is truly cost-effective and time-saving in the long run - two factors that factory owners always keep in mind when managing operations. 

📌 In addition to its cost-effectiveness and time-saving capabilities, Daiwa Thermic Lance brings significant benefits for business owners by enhancing overall work performance and alleviating the labor burden on operators.

Cost Saving


It can be said that all the special and essential features for a cutting and demolishing product have been fully integrated into Daiwa Thermic Lance. With its quick fire ignition and strong cutting force, the previously difficult and hard-to-handle objects have now become extremely easy to deal with. Don't miss out on the opportunity to benefit from expert guidance and support in obtaining this exceptional product. Take decisive action now and get in touch with us immediately. Simply click on the link below to get started.

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