How SC Lance Pipe is Used for Incinerators with The Blast Furnace Concept?

Keeping the environment clean is a requirement that many countries and organizations are trying to follow as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many countries tend to use incinerators for waste burning, and after that toxic substances are dispersed into the land and sea, posing a health hazard to the residents in the vicinity. Many users are aware of the negative environmental impact of burning waste in incinerators but are unaware of the existence of incinerators that utilize the latest technology to reduce CO2 emissions. Ideally, the customers should understand the fact that they can also use oxygen lance pipes in incinerators that process industrial waste by using the blast furnace concept.

In this blog, we're going to present the operational system of an incinerator that treats waste using the blast furnace concept and the application of Daiwa SC Lance 21.7mm x 2.8 mm x 4000mm. It is possible to show the existence of incinerators that do not emit hazardous substances and the usefulness of oxygen lance pipes.

Concept of Blast Furnace for Incenerators to Burn Wastes

The incinerators follow the concept of blast furnaces so that heat is around all from 1,700℃ to 2,205 ℃ to melt down trash with strong heat, which is almost double the temperature as the center of a lava flow. Despite the appearance that a considerable quantity of energy is required, the technology may produce heat merely by introducing compressed air itself into furnaces. The oxygen then combines with the carbon emitted by decomposing waste to produce carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons. The heat is then injected over and into furnaces to maintain constant temperatures.


Incinerators and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The cleaning center is to use the concept of a blast furnace. Burn trash with high temperatures up to 1,700℃ not burn but melt all of the trash then prevent generate of dioxin. This system is to melt the trash, the output is just a small quantity of ash, then the slag can be used for construction materials, such as road construction.

One example is in Japan, trash treatment is one of an issue for the environment, old system just burns trash and generates a lot of burn-down material to through away underground or use for making land in the ocean, both treatments is not good for the environment. Also, generate dioxin which is harmful to resident nearby the facility.

Many local governments use this type of system in Japan and our SC LANCE pipe, 21.7mm x 2.8 mm x 4000mm, this oxygen lance pipe is used for taphole cleaning by oxygen blowing.


Daiwa SC Lance Pipes for Incinerators using Blast Furnace Concept

  • DAIWA SC LANCE is a mild steel oxygen lance pipe made with HRC (Hot Rolled Steel Sheet in the coil), welded by high-frequency welding equipment, there is no oil, and no grease on the pipe. DAIWA SC LANCE generates a high temperature of over 3,000℃ by blowing oxygen and melting solidified steel, and slag on equipment.
  • Applications: Remove slag on the wall of the ingot case, pig iron at the iron notch of the blast furnace; Clean slag in ladle and steel-slag mixture at the slag notch and iron notch of a blast furnace; and cut steel scraps.
  • Daiwa SC Lance Pipes for Incinerators using Blast Furnace Concept: Customers use this SC oxygen lance pipe, size 21.7mm x 2.8 mm x 4000mm, for opening taphole purposes, blowing oxygen to the Furnaces. When using the tap hole to flow out the melted trash, the tap hole gradually gets small in diameter, and the flow is not enough. So time to time uses the SC LANCE blows oxygen to expand the tap hole to keep enough flow of the melted trash.

Photo of Daiwa SC Lance Pipes


Several consumers are aware of the negative environmental impact of incinerating garbage, yet is uninformed that there are incinerators that use cutting-edge techniques to decrease Carbon footprints. Users must realize that they may also employ oxygen lance pipes in incinerators that use the blast furnace principle to handle industrial trash.

If you wish to know more about the suitable oxygen lance pipe for melting down the trash, feel free to contact our dynamic team to support you during your journey.

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How SC Lance Pipe is Used for Incinerators with The Blast Furnace Concept?