All Applications of Thermic Lance At A Glance

TL drawing
Daiwa Lance manufactures Thermic Lance (TL) as one of our high-performance products. Because of the diverse uses, there are varying needs and requirements for employing Thermic Lance. To execute work efficiently, it is optimal to let you comprehensively understand which type of Thermic Lance should be used precisely for different industry and various application.
In this blog, we are going to provide in depth information with the concrete examples of Thermic Lance applications to easily imagine and apply effectively.

Daiwa Thermic Lance for Steel Mills 

Slag has a melting point of around 1,780℃ and is difficult to remove from a metal system with a lower melting temperature. For that reason, in order to use this kind of slag removal, we need a material that can generate a higher temperature than the melting point of slag to melt it down and remove it.
Slags can stuck in plant decks, on working floors, in ladle furnaces, in casting equipment, in mixer cars, and so on
In this case, a thermic lance can be a choice for your consideration. Thermic Lance can produce a super high heat rate of up to 4,000℃ with Fe + O2 → Fe2O3 + Heat reaction.steel-making-furnace-factory-489505198
Type T with a mixture of wires and an inner pipe produces a straight flame at high speed that can splash out, make holes or break up materials quickly. Therefore, we recommend our customers operate this type during the removing slag process in their steel mills.
 D. Daiwa Thermic Lance 2. 20.12.11daiwa-th-lance-02
Photo of Daiwa Thermic Lance Type T
There are several ways to shred and cut scraps into small pieces before recycling them as materials for production. One of these is using Oxygen Lance for scrap cutting, especially with high hardness or huge-size scraps. 
We recommend using type T for cutting general steel scraps in a scrapyard. Type W can be used for higher melting points like stainless steel.
Photo of Large Scraps inside Scrapyard

Daiwa Thermic Lance for Non Ferro Alloy

Types of metal scraps are divided into two categories: ferrous and nonferrous. The distinguishing characteristic between the two types of metals is the presence of iron. Ferrous metals contain iron while nonferrous do not. And below table is only a summary of frequently used non-ferrous metals, not all. If you still have more questions in regard to the melting point, contact us so you could choose the right cutting tool.

To achieve a safe and efficient tap hole opening, instead of using tools requiring great human efforts, Thermic Lance - with a lightweight, extended length, and heat resistant capability up to 4,000oC higher than the melting point of most metals - can be employed to keep the workers from a suitable distance while still ensuring the procedure being done completely. 


Daiwa Thermic Lance for Mining Industry

Mining is a tough industry that needs specific systems and machines to process effectively. And, most of those are huge with high thickness and hardness. After a long time of usage, turning those parts into pieces to use as materials for production in steel mill plants would be necessary. The below photo is an ore bin closure which is one part of the Mining industry where Daiwa TL could be used to support effectively.

Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 07.55.48

Ore bin of Mining Closure

For the Mining industry, our recommendation for you is to apply Thermic Lance Type W to easily turn those parts into pieces. 

TL type W

Photo of Daiwa Thermic Lance Type W 

Daiwa Thermic Lance for Construction

Demolition is the process of tearing down, razing, destroying, or otherwise destroying a building or structure, in whole or in part. Mainly, the workers will use excavators or concrete demolition hammers to tear down interior walls, construction, buildings, and so on. However, due to specific areas, the harness of buildings, and the structure of concrete, using those tools and equipment would be tough for operators. By this, using a stronger flame created by thermic lance steep pipes would be a precise choice to solve the situation regarding concrete demolition.


Concrete with Steel Bar inside

For Concrete Demolition, our recommendation for you is to apply Thermic Lance Type W to easily cut reinforced concrete structures.



Thermic Lance (TL) is one of Daiwa Lance's high-performance products. Because of the various applications, there are various demands and requirements for utilizing Thermic Lance. It is advisable to use a Thermic Lance with aluminum wires as a cutting tool to perform work effectively. It is ideal for consumers to be able to figure out the most suitable type of Thermic Lance to suit their application requirement with safety, security, and most effective perforamnce.
We also have introduce to our customer the most effective way to operate Daiwa Thermice Lance with safety.
Please let us support you with additional questions you are having and feel free to contact us through the inquiry page below.
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All Applications of Thermic Lance At A Glance