3 Unparalleled Advantages of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes

In the competitive industrial development, production managers are faced with the daunting task of choosing the most suitable lance pipe products for their specific needs. Making the wrong decision can have serious consequences, especially when purchasing in bulk. With so many options available, it's crucial to select high-quality products that will deliver optimal performance and cost-effectiveness. That's why we want to introduce you to the exceptional advantages of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes. By understanding the unique benefits we offer, you can make a confident and informed decision that aligns perfectly with your requirements.

Overall Understanding of Aluminum Lance Pipes

Before diving into the exceptional advantages of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes, taking a moment to explore the definition and structure of Aluminum Lance Pipe can greatly enhance your understanding of our products. 

What is Aluminum Lance Pipe?

Aluminum Lance Pipe is a specialized type of oxygen lance pipe utilized in the manufacturing of silicon metal, a vital component in solar panel and semiconductor production. It can be found with or without a thick layer of refractory ceramic coatings. With its primary material being aluminum, Aluminum Lance Pipe features a round and hollow structure that allows for precise and efficient delivery of oxygen during the silicon metal production process.

Aluminum Lance pipe

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Structure of Aluminum Lance Pipes

In order to optimize the efficiency of oxygen delivery to molten silicon in Submerged EAF, Aluminum Lance Pipe is ingeniously designed with a hollow aluminum core pipe. To enhance its functionality, the core pipe is even coated with a thick layer of refractory ceramic coatings that serve as a protective barrier, preventing any direct chemical reaction between the molten silicon and the aluminum. Additionally, the ends of the pipe are thoughtfully threaded, enabling seamless connection between the new and current pipes in use. This meticulous design guarantees maximum performance and effectiveness throughout the entire production process.

Structure of Aluminum Lance Pipe

                                           (Structural Elements of Aluminum Lance Pipes) 

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3 Unparalleled Advantages of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes 

The silicon smelter production is a continuous operation that requires optimal efficiency to minimize unnecessary expenses such as electricity, water, labor, and energy consumption in the factory. However, ordinary aluminum lance pipes often fall short in terms of processing and adaptability. At Daiwa Lance, we understand the importance of meeting the highest quality standards and have focused our efforts on three key criteria: straightness, hardness, and heat resistance. These factors set our aluminum lance pipes apart from the competition in terms of quality and performance.

Aluminum Lance Pipe Feature

(Key Features of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes)

Excellent Straightness

The reason why straightness is important in silicon smelter production is reasonably apparent. In a factory setting, operators must pierce the Aluminum Lance Pipes directly into the bottom door of the Submerged EAF. Therefore, it is vital that the pipes are not only straight but also rigid enough to withstand the forces exerted on them. Ordinary aluminum lance pipes, with their high level of ductility, can easily deform and lose their shape, ultimately compromising their effectiveness.

Aluminum Lance Pipe used in Submerged EAF for Silicon Metal Production

                  (Aluminum Lance Pipe used in Submerged EAF for Silicon Metal Production)

When it comes to ensuring straightness, Daiwa Lance's Aluminum Lance Pipes truly stand out owing to our meticulous selection of premium materials. The quality of our finished products is significantly influenced by the quality of the aluminum alloy we utilize. In anticipation of the increasingly high expectations of our customers, we have specifically engineered our pipes to meet the rigorous demands of silicon smelter production. The illustration below clearly demonstrates the distinguishable difference between our pipes and the ordinary ones found in the market.

Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipe (Straightness & Hardness Comparison)

                  (Daiwa Lance's superior straightness and hardness compared to other products)

Unyielding Hardness

In addition to straightness, the hardness of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes is another crucial factor that sets us apart. Our pipes are designed to withstand the harsh conditions in the silicon smelter, ensuring that they do not unexpectedly bend or break down under immense stress. 

To further ensure the consistent hardness and stiffness of our Aluminum Lance Pipes, we strictly adhere to ISO 9001 by implementing a robust infrastructure that enables us to measure hardness tolerance after the completion of each product. Hence, customers can feel confident knowing that Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes consistently meet the required standards and possess the strength to resist the pull of gravity when lifted off the ground.

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Extreme Heat Resistance

And the most impressive feature of all is the incredible refractory ceramic coatings applied to our Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes. These protective coatings are what make our pipes so durable in high-temperature environments like silicon smelters. With a melting point of around 2,000oC, ceramic is naturally heat resistant. When our Aluminum Lance Pipes are equipped with this expertly processed ceramic coating, it creates a powerful shield between the molten silicon and the aluminum. Our pipes can be used in scorching temperatures up to 2,000oC without any pesky chemical reactions getting in the way. This coating not only ensures longevity but also slows down consumption, allowing our pipes to last longer than ordinary ones.

Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipe with Ceramic Coating

          (A sample of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipe with a layer of ceramic coating on the surface)


Now that we've explored the definition, structure, and the incredible advantages of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes, you can see why they excel in terms of straightness, hardness, and heat resistance. To steer clear of low-quality products that promise a low price but lack proper processing, get in touch with us to discuss the specific details of your requirements. Whether you need a certain thickness of ceramic coating layers, a specific length of Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes, or even a price that fits your budget, we're here to help.

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