More About Structure and Size of CC Lance Pipe

Today the steel industry is so much more than just smelting iron into steel. From removing impurities by blowing oxygen into the furnace to opening the tap holes, removing slags on top of the molten metal and cleaning residuals on the factory floor, all activities require efficient and reliable oxygen lance pipes that can improve the process. 

In the previous blog, we've provided you with the overview of CC Lance Pipes (Ceramic Coated Lance Pipes), and this time, let us bring to you further pieces of information about their sizes and structure so that you could brush up on your existing knowledge and feel more confident when purchasing them.

A Brief Overview of CC Lance Pipe

To refresh your memory on CC Lance Pipe, take a moment to read the following information. Alternatively, if you are already familiar with it, feel free to skip this part and move on to the structure and sizes section.

CC Lance Pipe, short for Ceramic Coated Lance Pipe, is a type of oxygen lance pipe made from mild steels with a special refractory ceramic coating to enhance its heat-resistance. This coating acts as a powerful shield, protecting against corrosives, ensuring durability in extreme conditions and preventing the operators from imminent danger of electric shock.

CC Lance Pipes find widespread application in EAF (Electric Arc Furnace), serving as the go-to choice for carbon injection, oxygen and gas blowing purposes. The versatility of these pipes extends beyond these functions, with instances where they are utilized for slag removing and taphole opening as well.

Originating from mild steels, CC Lance inherits their remarkable qualities. But moreover, the exceptional ceramic coating brings numerous benefits to enhance pipe performance.

Top 6 benefits of Ceramic Coating Lance Pipe (CC Lance Pipe)

Structure of CC Lance Pipe 

As the demand for CC Lance Pipe continues to rise, the need for higher quality chemical composition becomes increasingly essential. 

Let's say you're a dedicated worker or a factory manager whose top priority is ensuring the safety and efficiency of the equipment utilized throughout the manufacturing process. What would you want to make your daily work more enjoyable and less exhausting?

Yes, ideally, when you have a powerful weapon which is durable and strong enough to lessen the burden on you. 

And we take this matter into careful consideration when devising the structure of CC Lance, which you can see below.

Structure of CC Lances

  • Mild Steel

The core material of CC Lance Pipe is made of a durable mild steel material. This core material provides structural strength and protection against physical damage.

  • Ceramic Coating Layer (Both Inner and Outer)

The distinctive feature of CC Lance Pipe is its ceramic coating layer. This layer is typically applied through a meticulous coating process, wherein a ceramic material is deposited onto the outer and inner surface of mild steel pipes.

This ceramic coating layer significantly enhances the pipe's resistance to high temperatures, corrosion, oxidation and thermal insulation. 

Moreover, the thickness of the ceramic coating layer is also a crucial factor in determining the ultimate durability of CC Lance within the furnace.

In case you have any specific thickness in mind for the ceramic coating layer, don't hesitate to reach out to us through the link below. We would be more than happy to discuss your requirements further and find the perfect solution for you.

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Size of CC Lance Pipe 

When choosing the size of CC Lance Pipe, it is essential to consider the specific needs of the steel production process. Factors such as the type of furnace, desired flow rate, and application requirements should all be taken into account.

In Daiwa Lance, we offer the most common size of CC Lance Pipe in the table below, however, it can always be customized according to specific requirements. Whether you need a small diameter pipe for precise injections or a longer pipe for reaching deep into the furnace, there are options available to meet your goals.

Size of CC Lance


Now that we've gone through the structure and size of CC Lance Pipe. It's important to understand how these factors contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the steel production process. And it is also important to note that not all CC Lance Pipe from all the suppliers has the same quality. When purchasing this product, make sure that you find a trustworthy supplier to ensure optimal results for your factory. 

You can directly contact Daiwa Lance for further sharings or follow us by clicking blog subscription in the link below to gain more knowledge about the lance pipe industry. See you in the next blog about the key features of CC Lance Pipe! 

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More About Structure and Size of CC Lance Pipe