Features and Cost-Saving Merit of CC Lance

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End users of lance pipes have additional options for using steel pipes to boost efficiency, depending on the application and usage goals, particularly for oxygen lancing. Ideally, clients will fully understand the economics and features of CC lances and be able to identify which product to choose for their oxygenation needs. We advise Daiwa CC Lance pipe for use in many various applications without stringent criteria for long-term heat resistance. On the other hand, there are similarities and differences between Daiwa SC lances, Daiwa CC lances, and Daiwa CA lances, because of its moderate level of heat and corrosion resistance. In this blog, we are going to show you the similarities and differences between the economics and characteristics of CC Lance and other grades of lance pipe, the customer can understand which lance pipe is best suited for their application.

Daiwa CC Lance Pipe used in EAF and Silicon Metal Plant

Daiwa CC Lance pipe is one of our oxygen products, used for oxygen and carbon injection for steel making process mainly with an electric arc furnace. When blowing oxygen and carbon into melted iron, the lance pipe is inserted in the melted iron. There are cases when customers use Daiwa Thermic Lance for Slags Removing and Scaps Cutting. After pouring out liquid steel, the workers will use CC Lance pipe to clean stuck metal inside the converter after a long time using.

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Manufacturers of oxygen-lance pipes include Daiwa Lance. Silicon metal is processed to make solar panels using an oxygen lance pipe known as an aluminum lance pipe. Silicon metal is the main ingredient used in the manufacture of solar panels. We produce aluminum lance pipes in addition to oxygen lance pipes to help in the production of solar panels.

Daiwa CC lance pipe is also applicable to use in smelting silicon metal production, as an initial step to producing solar panels. Silicon metal is the main material for producing solar panels. Daiwa Lance is a lance pipe manufacturing company producing various oxygen lance pipes as materials for steel production. 

Ceramic Coated Lance PipeCC Lance - Inclined Section

Photo of Daiwa CC Lance Pipe 


Daiwa CC Lance Pipe used in Electric Arc Furnace


MS pipe

CC Lance pipe

CA Lance pipe




  • Structure
  • Automobile
  • Construction purposes
  • Steel Manufacturing
  • Steel Manufacturing

  • Silicon Metal smelting
  • Steel Manufacturing

  • Aluminum & Copper smelting

Hardness / Toughness




Heat Resistance Performance

(Internal Testing Result - under Oxygen Acetylene Torch Flame at 3000oC)


20 seconds


47 seconds


151 seconds


Daiwa Lance's Recommendation

Daiwa Lance can produce all SC Lance Pipe, CC Lance Pipe, and CA Lance Pipe. Each pipe has its own advantages and also applications to be suitably used. 

In case of short time purpose, using Daiwa SC Lance pipe is applicable. On the flip side, the requirement of long time is crucial need, we recommend our clients to have the decision with Daiwa CA Lance pipe. With the medium requirement in both cost and performance, Daiwa CC Lance pipe can suit the users needs without having any concerns.


Customers struggle because they can't tell how much their productivity may rise over time or which course of action would be the best in certain circumstances. For usage in construction or other applications without strict requirements for long-term heat resistance, we propose the Daiwa CC Lance pipe.

For more details, please feel free to consult with our sales department or sales agent. We will always do our best effort to serve you.

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Features and Cost-Saving Merit of CC Lance