Daiwa Lance's Holder for Thermic Lance

B. Thermic Lance new 1 .JPGMany customers use Daiwa lance pipes for the main reasons: product quality as well as easy to use, convenience and cost-saving while using lance pipes for all activities within steel production. 

Customers will have questions like "How to connect the lance pipe fastly and effectively while production can maintain cost-saving?". In this blog post, we would like to introduce an item that is designed and engineered by Daiwa Lance ourselves, bringing efficiency to our customers using our products, convenience, and cost-saving generally. Daiwa Lance's Holder is the version we've designed to support our current customers who are currently using our products, especially Daiwa Thermic Lance.  

Daiwa Thermic Lance Holder (design)

What is Daiwa Lance Holder?

Holder of Daiwa Lance is the accessory tool that is used to connect pipes with oxygen sources and provide efficiency for operating time with Thermic Lance.

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 14.16.03


Daiwa Lance Holder includes the following components: 

  1. Screw part: This is the part used to screw the end of the steel pipe to connect to the whole Holder

  2. Pipe Tightening Screw: This part is used to hold and tighten the steel pipe more during operation.

  3. Body Holder: The part contains technical layers on the inside, which helps to fix the pipe and prevent backfire during operation.

  4. Valve: The opening and closing part allows the gas to pass through, providing gas for the combustion process when operating.

  5. High-pressure oxygen hose connection part: This part is used to connect the Holder and the oxygen supply air hose.

Purpose and Sizes of Holder

The general reason we've created the Daiwa Lance Holder:

  • Cost Savings - competitive price and long lifespan to cut production cost 
  • Fast and Convenient Connection - easy to connect Thermic Lance to Holder.
  • Variety - full line of Holders that can fit all sizes of Thermic Lance (TH Lance) manufactured by Daiwa Lance. 
  • Backfire resistance - protect the worker during the operation process.

The table below is to show Daiwa Lance Holders' size ranges:


Daiwa Lance Holder's Part No Lance Sizes by OD (mm)


DLI 10.5  9.5 &10.5 
2 DLI 13.8  12.9 &13.8 
3 DLI 16.0 16.0 
4 DLI 17.3  16.8 &17.3 
5 DLI 21.7  21.4 & 21.7 
6 DLI 27.2  26.5 & 27.2 
7 DLI 34.0 33.3 & 34.0
8 DLI 42.0  42.0 
9 DLI 48.2 48.2

How to Operate Daiwa Lance Holder?

Below the table is all steps to operate Daiwa Lance Holder comprehensively:


Photos of Instruction

Connect the Oxygen hose to Daiwa Lance Holder

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 08.10.54-1

Loosen the Holder's Screw Part

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 08.09.27-1

Insert Thermic Lance pipe to  Daiwa Lance Holder

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 08.10.03

Tighten the Screw part, and then Pipe Tighten Screw part, to tighten up Thermic Lance connecting to Daiwa Lance Holder

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 08.10.32

Start Operation Thermic Lance

Please see the blog of Operation Thermic Lance

Change new Thermic Lance pipe, then keep operating the whole process.

Screen Shot 2022-05-11 at 15.10.40



The Daiwa Lance's Holder is an accessory that we've designed and created to support our current customers who use our products since it would suit best based on the lance pipe OD, especially Thermic Lance.

Please let us support you during your journey to make your production and operation as easy as it can be.


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Daiwa Lance's Holder for Thermic Lance