4 Characteristics of A High Quality Aluminum Lance Pipe

Aluminum Lance Pipe is one of the oxygen lance pipe products known for its lightweight, low consumption, and excellent heat resistance. Recognizing high-quality Aluminum Lance Pipe is also an important and necessary thing. In this article, we will introduce you to the important characteristics of a high-quality Aluminum Lance Pipe, which helps boost productivity and increase the efficiency of unbending straightness.

The 4 Charateristics of A High Quality Aluminum Lance Pipe

Unbending Straightness

Unbending straightness is a key characteristic of top-quality Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipes.

In the silicon metal production industry, these Aluminum Lance Pipes are inserted directly into the bottom door of Submerged EAF to blow oxygen into the molten liquid. It is crucial for the pipes to remain straight and maintain their shape throughout operation, as this ensures a stable and constant oxygen pressure and flow. This, in turn, increases the speed of refining for silicon metal production.

When selecting Aluminum Lance Pipes, it is essential to choose a supplier who provides bundles of straight and unbending products, thoroughly inspected for quality assurance.

Daiwa Aluminum Lance Pipe (Straightness & Hardness Comparison)

Ultra-strong Refractory Ceramic Coating 

To enhance high temperature resistance, a top-tier Aluminum Lance Pipe boasts an ultra-strong refractory ceramic coating.

The Ultra-strong Refractory Ceramic Coating

With a melting point of around 2,000oC, ceramic is naturally heat resistant. For that reason, this coating not only provides a robust shield against abrasion and wear but also enhances the pipe's resistance to harsh environmental factors. Whether it's battling extreme temperatures or exposure to corrosive substances, the ultra-strong refractory ceramic coating ensures that the lance pipe remains in optimal condition over an extended period.

In general, the thickness of the refractory ceramic coating can be customized subject to the specific working conditions of the silicon metal factory. In case the factory requires lightweight pipes, it is important to consider applying a ceramic coating that is just right to avoid causing fatigue for the operators.

High-accuracy Processing 

As a savvy buyer, selecting a high-quality product goes beyond evaluating the external appearance. It also involves considering the manufacturing process, ensuring it delivers exceptional accuracy, which ultimately determines the product's true quality.

With the manufacturer that has a high-precision processing, a flawless and exact connection will be achieved, then effectively eliminating any possibility of oxygen leakage in Aluminum Lance Pipe when blowing oxygen into Submerged EAF. 

To ensure that your product meets your high-quality expectations, you can communicate your specific requirements regarding the machining of the pipe's connecting parts, such as sockets or threads, during your discussion with the manufacturer. This allows you to have full confidence in the superior quality of your product after the purchase is made.

If you're curious to learn more about the intricate machining process behind Daiwa Lance's high-quality Aluminum Lance Pipes, click here to gain access to our team of industry experts. They'll provide you with all the information you need to feel confident in the superior craftsmanship and reliability of our products.

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Aluminum Accessories

Depending on the type of silicon metal being produced, the required purity level for impurities will vary. In the case of producing low-grade silicon metal, accompanying accessories such as sockets or couplings can be made from steel. However, for high-grade silicon metal, which requires a silicon content of over 99.5%, the accompanying accessories need to be more tightly controlled in terms of material. It is best for products like sockets or couplings to be made from aluminum to minimize the introduction of impurities from the accessories, which can affect the refining process in the silicon metal furnace.

The accompanying accessories may often be overlooked when considering a purchase. Next time when you plan to buy an Aluminum Lance Pipe for oxygen blowing into the Submerged EAF, be sure to discuss with the manufacturer whether they produce aluminum accessories that are compatible with the product. This ensures that the production of your silicon metal pipe becomes even more efficient.

Aluminum Accessories


Above are the 4 key characteristics of a high-quality Aluminum Lance Pipe. These characteristics include unbending straightness, ultra-strong refractory ceramic coating, high-accuracy processing, and aluminum coated accessories. Understanding these important features is an advantage that will help you easily make the right decision when choosing a suitable product for your factory. If you're looking for further valuable insights and information from Daiwa Lance, simply click on the link below. With our extensive experience as a leading manufacturer of oxygen lance pipes, we are more than delighted to provide expert guidance and deliver top-notch oxygen lance pipes that meet your specific needs and requirements. 

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4 Characteristics of A High Quality Aluminum Lance Pipe