Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are often regarded as the manifestations of love. For many people, it is also among one of the most life changing milestones that should be cautiously celebrated. In Vietnam, especially in the countryside, the wedding ceremonies are far more crowded than traditional western countries with a large number of guests not only the bride and groom’s family or friends but also the nearby neighbors. Whether you are married or unmarried, we hope that you could feel the cheerful and sensational atmosphere of Vietnamese countryside weddings through our short article as follows.


Wedding Ceremony

The wedding ceremony of Vietnamese people in the past primarily involved six stages from which the matchmaker created a close connection between the bride and groom's families, the fortune teller predicted the future of the couple, the groom's family brought the presents to the bride's family and finally a wedding party would be prepared after they decided the wedding date. 

By the time, Vietnamese wedding ceremony was gradually simplified to only three main stages, which are proposal, engagement and wedding ceremony. 
Thanks to this change, the bride and groom’s families can spend more time on enjoying the special date which can last for 2 to 3 consecutive days. They might break their strict rules on daily routines such as drinking beers with their guests to an extent that they become heavily drunk or singing karaoke all day long in a noisy way in public while still receiving the acceptance of the surrounding residents for this once-in-a-lifetime occasion.  

Wedding Dress and Photo

Traditionally, the bride usually wears a three-piece dress with a brightly colored shirt on the outside, and the groom wears a scarf. In the modern decades, the bride often wears a simple white dress, and the groom would wear a shirt and a boxed suit. Wedding flowers are usually artificial flowers rented or borrowed from shops. Wedding photos are taken in black and white or right at the groom's house when holding the wedding ceremony.
Dựng rạp đám cưới giữa đường có thể bị phạt đến 6 triệu đồng
Today, the material and spiritual life is improved, the brides are dressed in gorgeous wedding dresses or eye-catching stylized long dresses. The groom is dressed in an elegant suit. Wedding flowers are usually fresh flowers that are combined according to each person's preferences. Wedding photos are carefully and meticulously invested, taken in many places and styles according to the intentions of the bride and groom.
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Vietnamese Wedding Ceremony