Daiwa CA Lance - Special for Induction Furnace

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Today's topic is FTA - EU & UK ~Warehouse in Antwerp,  Daiwa CA Lance - Special for Induction Furnace.

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FTA of EU and UK ~ Warehouse in Antwerp 

EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement - A new relationship, with big changes.
On 24 December 2020, finally EU & UK has an  Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
It will be effective from 1st  January 2021 as follow:
・The free movement of persons will end, UK citizens will no longer have the freedom to work, study, or start a business or live in the EU. They will require visas for long-term stays in the EU.
・The free movement of goods will end, and Customs checks and controls will be applicable to all UK exports entering the EU.
・The free movement of services will end, and  UK service providers will no longer be benefited from the principle of country-of-origin.
We have our customers in UK, and will check what kind of procedure, documents are required for delivering goods from our stock point in Antwerp to our customers in UK.
We already have our fully equipped warehouse in Antwerp to be used for expediting the  delivery of  goods in Europe other than from Vietnam.
Our current stock at Antwerp warehouse is as follows.
1/2" x 5.5M  TYPE-2
3/4" x 5.5M  TYPE-2                   
3/4" x 2.75M  TYPE-2
1" x 5.5M   TYPE-2   TYPE-6       
1" x 2.75M   TYPE-2
1-1/4" x 5.5M  TYPE-2  
1-1/4" x 4.0M , 4.9M, 5.5M  TYPE-6
And special customer's sizes.
If you have any further more information, please click button [Click here to download] on below.

Daiwa CA Lance - Special for Induction Furnace

There are two kinds of furnaces that can be used for recycling steel from steel scrap.

Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) which melts steel scrap and  requires injection of oxygen and carbon to adjust the chemical contents.

Induction Furnace which uses selected steel scrap for melting.

In the past, we had huge demand for Lance pipes (we call Daiwa CA Lance) for applications in  Electric Arc Furnace, during that period there were no demand for applications in Induction Furnace, but recently  Induction Furnace equipped steel mills started using our Daiwa CA Lance to reduce carbon contents in the scrap by blowing in oxygen to melted iron and make C + O  → CO2 reaction then subsequently reduce carbon to suitable level of their products. With the surprising benefits from our Daiwa CA Lance, within no time our product became the users preferred choice and still continues to be one.

If you  feel interested in our product, then please feel free to contact us for more details. 

Our team of experts will be happy to serve you.



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Daiwa CA Lance - Special for Induction Furnace