Night Markets in Vietnam (Part 2)

Great travel experience is not only in natural landscapes or scenic spots but also in local night markets. 
This week, let's continue to discover the world of food and culture of Vietnam night market with us.

Da Lat Night Market

This place is also called Am Phu market where Da Lat people hold a market at 2-3 am under the flickering oil lamp. In the evening, the market sells sweaters, silk scarves, Dalat specialties for visitors. Food stalls are always crowded thanks to soy milk dishes, grilled rice paper, vermicelli, etc. From 12pm, this is a busy wholesale market of food and agricultural products.

Ben Thanh Night Market 

The night market is located on two sides of Ben Thanh market, opposite the East and West gates. This is a place that attracts many foreign tourists who love to discover the unique features of Ho Chi Minh City, besides there are many young people who come here to hunt for unique goods. The cuisine in the market is quite rich with typical dishes of all three regions such as Hanoi noodle soup, Hue beef noodle soup, Nam Vang noodle soup.

Hanoi Old Quarter Night Market

The Old Quarter Night Market is open on 3 weekends, from 6pm to 11pm, which is a familiar destination for many visitors to Hanoi. The items in the market are diverse and beautiful. At the beginning of Hang Dao street is a row of snack shops with fruits such as pineapple, plum, mango, toad... sweet and sour pickles, attractive colors. Going deep into Hang Dao, Hang Ngang and Hang Giay streets are stalls selling souvenirs, clothes and shoes of all sizes and colors. In particular, the handicraft stalls always receive the attention of foreign tourists. The most crowded time is around 20h-22h. It is convenient for visitors that the market is only for pedestrians, no vehicles such as cars and motorbikes obstruct.

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Night Markets in Vietnam (Part 2)