Type W and Type T of Thermic Lance: Similarity and Difference

When sharing tips and advice on how to use Thermic Lance, we often received questions like this: “What is the difference of Type W and Type T?” “How can we make the best use of each type?” but didn't have a chance to explain it clearly.

Thus, through this blog, we will highlight some of the most significant characteristics of Type W and Type T of Thermic Lance. 

Hope that it will help to give you a better understanding of the similarity and the difference between the two types.

Similarity between Type W and Type T


Both Type W and Type T of Thermic Lance are steel pipes filled with either steel wires or a mixture of steel wires and an inner pipe, when burning they generate a very powerful flame.


Whether it is Type W or Type T, there are two ways of connection. 

Thermic Lance can be connected by socket with the threaded socket offered by Daiwa Lance to connect the pipes with technical design for safety during processing.

Thermic Lance can also be connected by a quick coupling depending on which purposes it is intended for. 

Chemical Reaction:

The similarity between Type W and Type T also lies in the way that Thermic Lance consumes itself. The reaction of Fe and O2 during the process of Thermic Lance creates a high heat flame at 4,000oC without noise and vibration to break up materials quickly.

Difference between Type W and Type T

And now, we come to the part of the difference between Type W and Type T. 


While Type W is a steel pipe filled with a full pack of wires produces, Type T is a mixture of wires and an inner pipe which helps to produce a straight flame at high speed to splash out materials to make holes or break up it quickly.

Dimension and Weight

For the dimension and weight, generally, there is no huge difference between Type W and Type T. However, due to the fully packed steel wires inside, the weight of Type W is a little bit heavier than type T for the same size.

In Daiwa Lance, the dimension and weight can be provided as below:


Type W can create more energy than Type T and is used to cut stainless steel heavy scrap since the process requires more energy from a wider flame at a higher temperature.

Type T is more focusing on easy operation and usage by non-stop fire. It can keep oxygen flow continuously and enhance the continuous operation and this helps suitable for steel scrap cutting.

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Type W and Type T of Thermic Lance: Similarity and Difference