Daiwa Thermic Lance - Long Length

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Today we are introduce about Daiwa Thermic Lance


What is Daiwa Thermic Lance?

THERMIC LANCE is steel pipe filled with wires or a mixture of wires and inner pipe, when burning generate powerful flame up to 4,000℃.
We have main 2 types of THERMIC, TYPE-T and TYPE-W.
                              TYPE-T                                                                                                    TYPE-W
                              Produces a straight flame                                                              Produces a wide flame
                              With high speed to splashes out                                                  With higher temperature that TYPE-T




Long Length Thermic

We started produce Long Length Thermic recently.

Many cases THERMIC LANCE used to connect 2pcs of 3.0M + 3.0M, to make enough distance from the target.

Fire will stop at connection (thread) portion, because no wire in the socket.

If use this method, the fire cease at the connection part, then need ignite again. 

See below image


But if use Long Length Thermic, no need to connect and non stop fire at the connection part.

So that, we started sales of the most popular size 3/8”(OD 17.3mm) x 6.0Meter long TYPE-T.

We apply TYPE-T (double tube type) for this Long Length Thermic, because to secure the oxygen flow and easy operation.

See below image                            

Recommendation of use

The Long Length Thermic is convenient for below applications. 

Cleaning of ladle 


Removal of stuck metal or slug at dangerous area.


We use 40’ dry container to deliver this length of Daiwa Thermic Lance.            

We will always do our best to serve for you.


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Daiwa Thermic Lance - Long Length