Daiwa Thermic Lance - Application in mining industry

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Today we are introducing about Daiwa Thermic Lance - Application in mining industry



What is Thermic Lance ?

DAIWA THERMIC LANCE application in mining industry

THERMIC LANCE is steel tube that to be used for fusing the metals and so on. The principle is that harness the oxidation heat of high temperature by provided the pressurized oxygen to inside ignited steel tube. Generally inside of metal tube contains steel wire that promotes the combustion.


                                                 TYPE-T                                                                                                    TYPE-W



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※Others uses

- Removing deposit metal from converter or electric furnace.
- Fusing and cutting steel piles and large scrap objects.
- Cutting and clearing solidified spillages of metals.
- Cutting and drilling fire brick, refractory materials, concrete and natural stone.


Mining industry (Introduce special usage of Thermic)

Introduce special usage in mining industry.

In mining industry, they use big shovel or land scraper or other big machine.

1. When the tool worn, they need replace the parts, and THERMIC LANCE used for fuse the holding pin to remove the worn parts.



2. They also use THERMIC to cut the removed parts, which made by special tool grade steel and difficult to cut by acetylene torch or other method.


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Daiwa Thermic Lance - Application in mining industry