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Today we are introducing about Daiwa SC Lance - Coupling system

Use of Daiwa SC Lance  

DAIWA SC LANCE is mild steel pipe with No Oil, No Grease on the surface of pipes.
Can generates more than 3,000℃ by blowing oxygen.
Used for removal/cleaning of stuck slag and metals also used for cutting scrap.



Some times the working site and environment is severe and need connect pipes quickly.
We offer below simple coupling system.


Simple coupling system

Squeeze ( Swage ) the end of pipes and use plain coupling.
Hit wall or floor a couple times then connected and use.
Combination of Swaged pipes and plain Simple Coupling, we have tight connection with easy work.

 Image of Coupling system


Available size of the Simple coupling system

Simple coupling system is available of below highlighted size. 


For more details , please feel free to consult with our sales department or sales agent.

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Coupling system - Daiwa SC Lance